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The Lady Crooners, MerryGold May 30th at 8 p.m., SF Live Arts @ Cyprian’s

The Lady Crooners formed in 2010 as a collaboration of siblings, Nadia and Joseph Krilanovich. Songwriting was a natural fit for the duo, him with a guitar, her with a love of storytelling, and both wanting to create something good. Adding little sister Megan, bassist Jason Braatz, lead-guitarist Kevin Conness, and producer/engineer John Smart on percussion/mandolin launched The Lady Crooners into their signature raucous, sophisticated, down-home act. Harnessed by Nadia’s honest voice and a perfect complement of sibling harmonies, the 2013 release of catchy new single, SWEETHEART, says it all. The Lady Crooners are here to share their authentic, darn good music with you.

The Lady Crooners perform throughout the Bay Area, the West Coast, and beyond. They have released two albums, THE LADY CROONERS, 2012, and THE SURFACE, 2013, and are currently at work on a third album.


2015 looks to be an exciting year for MerryGold. After recording their latest album at Grateful Dead member Bob Weir’s TRI Studios in late 2014, the band is heading to Europe for a winter tour.



MerryGoldMerryGold began as the songwriting duo of Jillian Secor (guitar, vocals) and Alex Stephens (guitar, mandolin, vocals). Lead singer and songwriter Jillian Secor is a descendant of Bob Wills, the father of country swing. The 5-piece lineup currently includes bass, banjo, and accordion as well. Based in the small northern California town of Placerville, themes of the Gold Country are abundant in their music. Their whiskey-soaked folk/bluegrass songs take listeners back to simpler times and portray a rawness that embodies the pioneer spirit of the Wild West. While traditional folk and bluegrass themes are apparent in their music, MerryGold incorporates a wide variety of influences to create their own sound.

A recent highlight for MerryGold was winning the Race to TRI Studios contest. The studio – owned and operated by Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead – selected MerryGold as top-10 finalists out of over 500 entries. The public then voted MerryGold and their song “Sweet Lilly” as the winner. In December of 2012, the band recorded audio and video at TRI Studios:

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