Tenant Rights Bootcamp For NOPA: Here 6 p.m. Tuesday June 24 & Wednesday, June 25

Tenant Rights Bootcamps are a neighborhood-by-neighborhood effort to empower renters to stand up to speculators and prevent displacement. Featuring tenant rights expert Dean Preston, the bootcamps provide an opportunity for renters to learn their rights and ways to organize and fight back.
 Dean Peterson writes in Beyond Chron: 

Rather than just asking tenants to come to large, centralized events or offices, we could take know-your-rights training and counseling services to where they lived at the neighborhood level—at cafes, libraries, and community centers. And we could do it throughout the City. Thus launched the Tenant Rights Bootcamps, a pilot project of the San Francisco Tenants Union. We’ve now spent the past month holding workshops, it’s safe to say we’ve struck a chord in our city’s renter community.” More 
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