Help us complete our first icon project this Sunday after Pat's talk

Spirituality in Art: History of Icons Talk Sunday @ 1 p.m.

Help us complete our first icon project this Sunday after Pat’s talk

An Introduction to the ongoing class in Icon Painting and time to complete our newest Icon.  Presented by Pat Preble, we’ll hear a brief history of Icons as well as the role making an icon can ply in your spiritual life. This free class leads into a series of Icon painting classes that begin in October.


The making of an Icon is a spiritual journey toward deep communion with the Holy Spirit. All art is a reflection of the state of mind and emotion of the artist. Every task that we perform, however mundane is imbued with the spirit of the moment. Can we make our lives a living Icon?

Patricia Preble has been experimenting and working on rediscovering the lost painting methods of Early Rome. She will share her insights, successes and failures in this project as well as trace the process of portrait painting as it evolved into the creation of Holy Icons


We began making this icon at Western Addition Sunday Streets and have a little more work to do to complete it,.

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