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Please help keep this Center going by making an end of the year donation. Cyprian's Center is a non-sectarian project serving our neighborhood hosted by St. Cyprian's Church. The Center is not a religious organization: we don't hold worship services or do other churchy things. Instead, we host free meals for hungry people, build neighborhood spirit, grow the community, and give neighborhood children a safe place to be after school and during the summer. To do this we work with a long list of community groups.

Your donation will be solely used to help pay the operating expenses of Cyprian’s Center. We need your help to pay for the Center’s share of heat, light, water, recycling costs. Your gift can help us grow by increasing the use of our facility to serve more people and organizations from our community.

Please help us by making a gift dedicated to supporting the Cyprian’s Center today using the PayPal link below!

Snail Mail Donations

Cyprian’s Center
Attn: Tom Jackson,  Director
2097 Turk Blvd.
San Francisco, CA 94115