St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church (Anglican)

cyprianWe draw on our roots as the landmark Church for San Francisco’s African American Episcopalians. More than 90 years ago we started as the church welcoming folks who weren’t welcome any place else. Today we apply that same way of life to a spiritual community that includes people of differing races and sexual orientations. Website: http://saintcyprianssf.org/ 

Sundays we use authentic traditions of the Christian Church to build an open and inclusive community through worship, community, and debate. Our liturgy - Greek for 'work of the people' -  reflect authentic rites dating back to the earliest days of the Christian faith. We offer Sunday School, use incense, vestments, art, and music to bring people into closer contact with the divine. Our sermons focus on ways we can build a spiritual life here in the Bay Area at the beginning of the 21st century.



Saint John Coltrane African Orthodox Church


"I think music is an instrument. It can create the initial thought patterns that can change the thinking of the people."

-St. John Will I Am Coltrane

The "Coltrane Church"  has been in the Fillmore since 1971 and is the only church born out of the music of John Coltrane. They celebrate Mass  Sundays 12 noon here in the Sanctuary.  Website: http://www.coltranechurch.org/

We encourage everyone to participate in the services by singing along, clapping your hands, and dancing. If you play an instrument, bring it. Get your praise on! Mass consists of Confession, the Coltrane Liturgy, Scripture readings, Hymns, Spirituals, and Preaching.

Sophia in Trinity


Our community’s celebrants are the Body of Christ, every person who is present at that Eucharist that day. We are a celebrating circle, which places each person next to the next and the same distance from the altar in the center. The Body of Christ has no margins, and neither does this community. We delight in all of the experience that makes us diverse, and we rejoice in encountering and celebrating the richness of the Body of Christ. Website: sophiaintrinity.org

Because the celebrant is the whole community, all of the spoken or embodied prayers are communal: petition, exhortation, encouragement, the shared homily, the canon, the words either recited or created surrounding the consecration, the offering and the accepting of Christ’s peace, the sharing of the Body and the Blood of Christ, the blessing, and the sending forth.

Although every Eucharistic liturgy will be familiar, no two Eucharists at Sophia in Trinity are ever the same, because no two celebrant communities are ever the same, because each of us is transformed each day of our lives and brings that new reality of self to the next Eucharist.

Your presence as a celebrant in this community Eucharistic liturgy will make a difference. Sophia in Trinity worships here twice a monthly Worship (on the 2nd and 4th Saturday)

at 10 a.m. Sophia in Trinity is part of the Roman Catholic Womenpriests movement. More at sophiaintrinity.org