Keeping Cyprian’s Center A Safe Place

Cyprian’s Center is committed to serving as a safe place where all can gather. Toward that end, we are part of a program of online training and background checks for those who have keys (or door codes) here.  

As you may have noticed, this Center is hosted by an Episcopal Church. All Bay Area Episcopal Churches are required to join in this program.  TGhe current effort is based on more than two decades of effort to produce a coherent, fair, transparent, and usable set of policies that promote a healthy and safe environment for all in our buildings. 

Please sign up here if you need to complete the online safe church training.  Once we have your information we will create your username for the online training system and advise you how to proceed. We will also let you know how to proceed with the background check.

Everyone who holds a key must:

  • Complete and remain current in the online training program we offer at no cost to you;
  • Agree not to share their key (or key code) with anyone; and
  • Undergo a background check (your sponsoring group must reimburse us for this cost – each background check usually costs $35 but that fee can increase depending on how many different places you have lived, etc.).  

Please note that we will not require a background check for anyone who is concerned about their immigration status. Please email the Center’s Director here to set up a discussion.

If you are concerned that something awkward will arise during the background check, please discuss this with our director.  You can email the Center’s Director here.

Background: Bay Area Episcopal Churches Expand Safe Church Program

Bay Area Episcopal Churches are taking their drive for “Safe Churches” to a new level with an expanded program combining online training and background checks. Church leaders, as well as the leaders of programs that use space in our buildings, are now required to:

  1. Complete a free online training program that is geared to the role a person plays inside our building; and
  2. Undergo a background check (which usually costs about $35 but can cost more and is paid by the organization that sponsors the individual).

Individuals who lead programs in Episcopal Churches may also take additional courses to learn more about keeping programs safe for children, women, LGBTQ people, and people living with disabilities.

“The Episcopal Church has been working with heart and mind for over twenty years to produce a coherent, fair, transparent, and usable set of policies that promote a healthy and safe environment for all in our Church,” the Rt. Rev. Marc H. Andrus, bishop of the Diocese of California said. “This is our commitment to God and to each other, and one significant manifestation of the Beloved Community.”

Online training modules required of pastors range from Preventing Sexual Activity Between Young Children to Preventing Abuse against Adults with Disabilities and Keeping Your Church Safe. A person working in a different role might complete a course on Social Media Safety or Preventing Sexual Abuse between Adolescents. Background checks are required of Episcopal Clergy and key contacts of groups using space in the church building. Often these individuals are the ones who hold a key to the building.

The two-part program is the latest improvement in a drive for safe churches that has developed during the past two decades. The Episcopal Church’s commitment to serve as a safe place for all people is reflected in this effort.