Herb Garfield Poem

Shared at First Friday Song Circle
Big Sur Los Padres
by Herb Garfield

Ribbons of Limekiln sunshine streaming in through the redwoods,
herb mushrooming in the early morning mist awakens, reaching up
tapestry weavings full and warm as nature intends,
caressing the soul in serenity sublime, the beauty entering in.
My senses leap into the auras of light,
laughing rivers that never run dry
waited on me some 10,000 years.
Santa Lucia, Glory of heaven to earth come down.
A joy to be; leaves the whole world behind;
its’ alabaster city gleamings stained with blood, untouched by human tears.
While in this franciscan stillness breathes a rarified air of truth
and the echoes of the praises of righteous men.
This day thou shalt be with me in paradise;
the celestial promise at last fulfilled.
Breathing the air and finding it Heaven
Walking the earth and fining it Home
Touching a hand and finding it God
Who calls us by grace
His communal love to share.

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