Jazz Candlelit Christmas Eve Celebration Set Dec. 24, @ 8:30 p.m.

Join us for our candlelit Jazz celebration of Christmas Eve. We’ll combine favorite hymns and gospel songs with a jazzy beat to create a memorable evening. Stephen Prutsman will play jazz piano, Orion Pitts will accompany on favorite Christmas Carols, and Bryan Philpot will return as a soloist. We will offer child care (activities from the first reading through the sermon) – our children will return in time to share communion.

Nightsong Tuesday @ 7 at US Berkeley's Chapel

Nightsong Tuesday @ 7 at US Berkeley’s University Chapel

Nightsong Tuesday @ 7 at US Berkeley’s University Chapel

Night Song – This Tuesday!

This Tuesday night we gather at University Chapel at 7 p.m. for NightSong – a spiritual event for young adults in the Bay Area.

What is NightSong?

NightSong is an opportunity to reflect with Episcopal bishop Marc Andrus on what the active, mystical, wondering faith looks like for young adults in the 21st Century. NightSong is a time to sing and pray in the tradition of theTaizé Community using chants, simple prayers, silence, and visual imagery. NightSong is a chance to connect with others who are curious about following an authentic spiritual path in the Christian tradition.

What happens?

The format is constant:

  • 7  Gather to learn and grow
  • 7:45 Chant and Prayer
  • 8:15 Food and fellowship.

Where is it?
University Chapel (click for map) – home of the Episcopal/Lutheran Campus Ministry. Note parking is limited. The chapel is about a 15 minute walk from the downtown Berkeley BART stop and right at a bus stop for the 51 line.

Help us complete our first icon project this Sunday after Pat's talk

Spirituality in Art: History of Icons Talk Sunday @ 1 p.m.

Help us complete our first icon project this Sunday after Pat’s talk

An Introduction to the ongoing class in Icon Painting and time to complete our newest Icon.  Presented by Pat Preble, we’ll hear a brief history of Icons as well as the role making an icon can ply in your spiritual life. This free class leads into a series of Icon painting classes that begin in October.


The making of an Icon is a spiritual journey toward deep communion with the Holy Spirit. All art is a reflection of the state of mind and emotion of the artist. Every task that we perform, however mundane is imbued with the spirit of the moment. Can we make our lives a living Icon?

Patricia Preble has been experimenting and working on rediscovering the lost painting methods of Early Rome. She will share her insights, successes and failures in this project as well as trace the process of portrait painting as it evolved into the creation of Holy Icons


We began making this icon at Western Addition Sunday Streets and have a little more work to do to complete it,.

painting the stars: science, religion, and an evolving faith


Thursdays at 7 p.m. 

Through July 2      

Celebrating the communion of science and faith, featuring over a dozen leading theologians and progressive thinkers, Painting the Stars explores the promise of evolutionary Christian spirituality.

Mystery is a condition of awe, of resting precisely in an unknowing, long enough for the silence to have its way with us. The goal of this curriculum is to create some space for us to inhabit this mystery more deeply, and explore the relationship between science, particularly evolution, and religion. Perhaps most importantly, the hope is that each participant will feel from the inside what it is like to be the presence of all this creativity showing up after 13.7 billion years as him or her. Without this felt sense of being one with the creative process that is ceaselessly animating life, the conversation will remain objective and academic. We invite you to engage these seven weeks with an awareness that you are not separate from the creativity that produced you.           Bruce Sanguin, Author of If Darwin Prayed

The format for each 1½ hour session includes a 20-minute video and guided discussion. Participation at every session not required.
Popcorn provided!
When I have a terrible need of dare I say, ‘religion’?
then I go outside at night and paint the stars.” 
Vincent Van Gogh
2097 Turk & Lyon – sponsored by
First United Lutheran & St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Churches