Turk & Lyon is home to the SF Live Arts Concert Series, local resident artists and the SF Folk Music Club. Our calendar is packed with events, check one out

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Thriving relationships get the best work done. One-on-one connections and group collaborations are what keep us growing and thriving

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This month at the center.

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This month

  • San Francisco Folk Club: Sing or play in the Open Folk Jam & Song Circle on second & fourth Fridays
  • Free Jazz Jam & Azure Family Night May 1
  • Souls of SanFrancisco in the Sanctuary Gallery
  • Free lunch for seniors March 25
  • Brew good beer in good company with meaningful conversation: Brewosophy March 19 @ 6 p.m.
  • USF Community Garden Outreach Class April 2 @ 6 p.m.
  • DMV choir is open to all
  • Rainbow Girls in concert - SF Live Arts @ Cyprian's Feb. 7
  • Hibbity Dibbity plays a benefit for the environmental eductaion group Spout Up April 17


Our blog on upcoming events.

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Our partners and their programs

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Resilience is the imperative of our times. Together we seek to share and receive care, support, and encouragement in the midst of adversity

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Hold a meeting, event or concert here. Or offer a class, start a discussion group, create art, teach a cooking class - help create community.

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How you can connect to community here.

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Spiritualy in our sacred space.

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Creating a community where everyone matters

Cyprian’s ARC is a community-based, volunteer-driven hub of collaboration that connects artists, advocates for a more resilient and sustainable future, and anyone seeking a deeper sense of community.